Liner Replacements 
We remove and replace vinyl liners, and offer affordable liners. We have a wide selection of patterns and designs for you to choose from.
 Leak detection 
We specialize in leak detection for pools . Using specialty equipment we are able to locate leaks in underground plumbing or vinyl liners. Precisely locating the leak source, minimizing the size of the repair area.
 Pool automation 
We sell, repair and install automation sytems for your swimming pool. Allowing you to control heating, lights, water features, and automatic cleaners with the touch of a button from a smart phone app!
Monarch Pools offers repair for most swimming pool problems. We repair and replace: Pumps, Filters and Heaters. Any plumbing repairs and leaks or cosmetic repairs we can solve them for you.
End of season means bed time for your pool. Make sure you choose a cover that will keep any unwanted dirt and debris out while maintaining safety. We have the best options for covers to offer at a great price!
 Pool inspections 

Buying a new home with a pool?

Why not get the pool checked out for any potentially costly future repairs and issues that may arise. 

We offer a thorough inspection with a detailed report of estimated age and life of the pool and equipment.

 And More! 
Call or email to find if we offer the specific service you are looking for and we will be pleased to assist your needs.