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Pentair Pool Systems

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Pentair Pool Systems
Pentair Pool Systems

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Pool Automation

Want to take control of your pool experience?

With an automation system and a smartphone from anywhere in the world you can:

  • Control pool water temperature.

  • Control hot tub heat and jets.

  • Turn on and off water features.

  • Control pool lights including colour selection.

  • Turn on and off any 120/240v lights or appliances in your back yard.


Variable Speed Pumps

Tired of high energy costs relating to your pool?

Take the main consumer of pool related electricity off of your bill, by installing a variable speed pump!

Variable speed pumps can reduce energy consumption by more than half. By running your pump at low speeds during peak energy billing hours and faster during off peak.

Also giving you great speed control for water features of vacuuming.

Pool Filters

Let us put that sparkle back in your pool water!

We offer two types of pool filters for you to choose from. Sand or Cartridge filters.

Both options have advantages and dis-advantages, we will be more than happy to explain which option would better suit your pool's needs.


Water Chemistry Controllers

Maintaining pool chemistry too much of a chore?


Adding a chemistry controller in combination with a salt-chlorination system can take the guess work out of pool chemistry.


These smart units constantly monitor your pool chlorine and pH levels and keep them in check so your pool chemistry never gets green or unsafe to swim in. Ask us for details.

Pool Heaters

With a wide selection of heater brands and BTU outputs, we have the right choice of heater for you.

We can recommend and install the right heater for your pool and give you the right piece of mind. To keep your pool temperature just right for you and your family to get the most out of this swimming season.